Chicken Skewers with Quinoa Patties!

This is a nice, cheap and healthy healthy dinner, using left over quinoa from a previous meal!

Unfortunately you need to use breadcrumbs within this recipe, however you can use gluten free breadcrumbs and to make your own, simply toast a slice of Gluten Free Bread and put it in the blender and whizz! Whola, Gluten Free breadcrumbs.

It’s a very simple recipe which takes about twenty-five minutes to prepare and forty to forty-five minutes to cook.

Chicken Breast x2 (From a local butchers) = £2.00

Lemon x3 (From a local farmers market) = 40p

Green and Red Pepper x1 (From a local farmers market) = 80p

Quinoa 250g = £1.13 (500 grams from Tesco = £2.15)

Peas and Sweetcorn = 15p (Birdseye resealable Bag = £1)

Chilli x2 = (From a local farmers market) = 50p

Large egg x1 = 17p (£1 for 6)

Breadcrumbs 240ml (1 cup) = 10p (Loaf of Gluten Free Bread = £1)



Total = £5.25

Total/Serving = £2.63

We’ll pretend you haven’t got left over quinoa, if you have remove the first few steps for the quinoa patties!


Wash your quinoa in cold water through a sieve. Then add water to your pan and boil, this should be three times the size (amount) of the quinoa.

Place the quinoa in the pan and simmer for approximately 18-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Whilst that’s going…

Start by cutting the chicken in to cubes, try to make sure that they’re all similar sizes. 

Cut the lemons in half.

Cut the chilli’s as small as possible.

Add the chicken into a plastic bag (a sealable sandwich bag should suffice), followed by the chilli, then squeeze the lemon’s into the bag. Seal the bag and mix/shake. Leave this in the fridge for around 2 hours, shaking occasionally (it doesn’t have to be 2 hours, 10 minutes will suffice, but longer the better). 

Preheat your grill to a medium heat.

Cut the peppers into squares (each pepper will give you about 4 squares).

Remove the chicken from the fridge; start by adding the pepper onto the skewer followed by cubes of chicken, make sure the pepper and raw chicken isn’t touching to begin with. Beware, don’t over stack your skewers!

Once you’re happy with this, put them on a tray into your preheated grill, turn occasionally. If it’s the summer these are great on the BBQ! Total cooking time for these is about 25-30 minutes.

… Now get your cooked quinoa, drain through the sieve, it shouldn’t be completely dry but not dripping and no water running off it. 

Combine the quinoa in the mixing bowl with the Large egg, peas (heat up if frozen), sweetcorn (heat up if frozen), pinch of salt and cup of bread crumbs; now mix together.

Once mixed form your patties from these.

Heat 1 tsp of Olive Oil over a medium-low heat in a large frying pan (skillet). 

Place your Patties into the pan and cover. Leave them for about 7-10 minutes, you’ll know they’re ready to be turned when the underbellies are a deep rich brown colour, flip them and leave again for 7-10 minutes covered. 

Try to make sure you don’t let them burn and once they’re done, leave to rest for 5 minutes. 

Total time for Quinoa Patties is about forty to forty five minutes. As the quinoa is resting your chicken should be nearing it’s end in the grill. Remove these and you’re done!

Nice and easy to make. A real treat on a school night and very little washing up!

Any questions, just ask.



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