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    2’s Company Box

    An awesome deal. 2’s Company Mix, gives you 2 bars of each type minus the Non Bars. All the bars are packed with healthy, natural ingredients and with the combination of bars there’s also a tasty saving too!

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  • Healthy fruit and nut bars

    Beginners Mix

    In this mix you get one of each bar to try 🙂

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    Bitter Brothers

    A Fruit and Nut bar, using mainly organic ingredients with a real raw chocolate taste!

    This one is a real favourite at the Duck Pond Markets we attend, so much so we’ve started taking more with us!

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    P-Nut Bars

    A Fruit and Nut Bar with Peanut Butter using mainly organic ingredients… No way you say? We say Yes way!

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    Paleo Flapjacks

    A tasty flapjack without the rubbish. Is there such a thing? Well there is now!

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  • Sale! Fruit and Nut March 2016

    Phil’s Fruit and Nut Bar

    A fruit and nut bar containing a blend of superfoods, dried fruits and a mix of nuts plus a little bit of organic dark chocolate. These bars contain 335 calories with a massive 11g of natural Protein, 21.1g of Carbohydrates with the majority coming from dried fruit such as Raisins, Goji Berries and Dates, meaning 5g […]

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    Sarah’s Snacks

    This bar was made for a friend, she loved it and you will too!

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    Survival Bar

    A filling bar that’ll keep you going, used by triathletes, Ironman participants and everyday exercisers!

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    The Big Box

    The big box, full of tasty treats and a special price!

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